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CellPaveâ„¢ Specialty Fibre
CellPave™ Specialty Fibre

CellPave™ Specialty Fibre is a high quality specialized cellulose fibre produced by Climatizer as an additive for Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA), an asphalt paving mixture used in road surfacing and proven to be highly durable and long-lasting. SMA is applied to highways, airport runways and urban streets.

CellPave™ is used primarily to stabilize the high levels of binding agent (Bitumen) used in SMA, adding to the resistance it provides against deformation.

  • Uses 100% post-consumer waste product
  • Provides greater surface area and strength
  • Stabilizes binding agent (Bitumen) by helping to maintain its viscosity and reducing its drainage (known as "drain down")
  • Recognized as the most cost-efficient and effective fibre filler for SMA applications
  • Meets current Ministry of Transportation - Ontario cellulose fibre quality requirements
  • Meets ISO 9001-2000 quality requirements


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