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Climatizer Plus Cellulose Insulation - Year Round Comfort
Cellulose Insulation
Environmental Benefits
  • Low embodied energy - uses much less energy (up to 40%) to manufacture than traditional fiberglass or mineral insulation (which are produced by ever-running furnaces) without releasing greenhouse gases
  • No pollutants used in manufacturing or installation
  • Helps prevent the release of the greenhouse gas methane (which would result if that same paper were sent to a landfill to decompose)
  • Regionally produced, using local recycling programs and independent recyclers and servicing communities close to home
  • Meets the strict requirements set by Environment Canada to be labeled "environmentally friendly"
  • Recognized by the ECOLOGO™ Program as an "Environmental Choice" product
  • Very high recycled content: a blend of 85% recycled newspaper and 15% biodegradable materials such as fire-proofing additives
  • Fire safe - treated with non-toxic fire retardants
  • Healthier for installers - no special safety precautions (besides a standard mask) are necessary

Climatizer Plus insulation is the high quality, environmentally-friendly and healthy choice for builders and homeowners.


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