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Cellulose Insulation
Frequently Asked Questions

Is cellulose insulation new?

Cellulose has been around for 60+ years. With increased awareness about being environmentally responsible and reducing energy costs and the ease with which it can be installed in hard-to-reach areas, homeowners, architects, engineers and builders have discovered that cellulose is a superior approach to traditional glass or mineral fiber insulation.

How is cellulose insulation "green"?

There are several reasons:

  • Produced from post-consumer recycled newspaper
  • Diverts waste from entering landfills and otherwise emitting harmful CO2 gases
  • Uses less energy to produce than other types of insulation
  • Envelopes your home in a way that conserves energy more efficiently
  • Saves money and reduces your energy bills

Because it's made from newspaper, will the cellulose insulation burn?

Cellulose wood fiber is treated with non-toxic chemicals that absorb oxygen to choke the flame that requires oxygen to burn. Cellulose melts at a very high temperature and is actually considered a fire retardant.

Is cellulose insulation good for soundproofing from room to room?

Yes. Relative to competing products, Cimatizer Plus has superior properties for improving noise suppression in wall, floor and ceiling construction. The dense fibres and their natural ability to completely fill irregular and small cavities offer excellent sound adsorption properties. Wherever Climatizer Plus is installed, it forms a very tight seal.

Is Climatizer Plus insulation approved by any Canadian regulatory authorities, building codes, etc.?

Yes! Climatizer Plus insulation is tested by and listed under the CCMC 8532 (Canadian Construction Materials Centre) and certified by ISO 9001-2001.

Can I install cellulose insulation myself?

Yes. You will need a blowing machine, which is available through Climatizer, and we suggest proper protective gear such as a mask and goggles. However, we strongly recommend that you contract the services of an experience installer who has the knowledge and equipment to do the job right the first time. The overall effectiveness of any insulation material is directly linked to the quality of the installation process.

Is cellulose insulation more efficient than traditional fiberglass insulation?

Yes. Cellulose has major benefits that only it can provide: cost, performance, energy savings over time, and its dramatically lower environmental impact. Cellulose has the edge over the competition in most applications.


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