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Climatizer Plus Cellulose Insulation - Year Round Comfort
Climatizer Plus Cellulose InsulationCellulose Insulation

More than Just Insulation

Developed over many years of experience, the technology and raw materials that contribute to the manufacturing of Climatizer Plus insulation make it a superior thermal and acoustic insulation product. Rigorously tested, it proves time and time again to be exceptionally resistant to fire, moisture, mold and pests.


Think Green  

Think Green

When you install Climatizer Plus insulation in your home or building project, you are "greening" your efforts. Using much less energy than other insulation types to produce and manufactured mostly from post-consumer waste, Climatizer Plus is recognized as an "Environmental Choice" product by the Canadian government.


Energy Efficiency   for Energy Efficiency

Climatizer Plus insulation promotes energy conservation and reduces energy costs. It effectively envelopes your home, blocking air leaks and convection currents that lead to energy loss.


Home Comfort   Year-round Comfort

From the searing heat of summer to the teeth-chattering days of winter, Climatizer Plus insulation performs in keeping your home's temperature consistent and comfortable all year.


Fire Safety  

Think Fire Safety

Climatizer Plus insulation is formulated with non-toxic fire-retardant and fire-resistant ingredients that add safety to your home or building. In testing, this formulation has been shown to slow down a fire's progress, allowing more time for escape in the event of fire. Without emitting dangerous fumes, Climatizer Plus helps to limit overall damage. In fact, it is likely the only construction material in your home that is fire-treated, making cellulose insulation one of the safest construction materials on the market.


Save Money   Save Money!

Climatizer Plus delivers increased savings and tangible benefits over other types of insulation. As you save energy, you are saving money as energy costs continue to rise while your insulation remains effective and efficient in the years to come.


For homeowners or builders, there are many reasons to choose Climatizer Plus insulation. Working with a high quality is product is one. Being environmentally responsible is another.


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