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Hydroseeding Mulch

Climatizer's hydroseeding mulch is a cellulose fibre product manufactured from locally-sourced post-consumer waste paper (mainly newsprint) and is used in various hydroseeding projects. Adding Climatizer hydroseeding mulch to a slurry of water, seed and, in most cases fertilizer, allows grass seeds to be protected from wind, erosion, sun and pests while sealing in moisture allowing for much quicker germination compared to hand-sown seeding or laying sod.

Allowing coverage for large, difficult or inaccessible areas such as slopes, hydroseeding can be applied to a wide variety of projects from roadside erosion control to golf courses, lawns, parks and conservation areas. Hydroseeding is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, and efficient solution for establishing healthy new lawn, turf or roadside development.

Characteristics & Uses

Climatizer manufactures environmentally-friendly hydroseeding mulch for numerous commercial applications and to customized specifications and is what gives a hydroseeding application its "green" colour. A non-toxic dye is used to help applicators ensure even coverage, resulting in a healthy and successful lawn. Climatizer's hydroseeding mulch is produced to the highest quality standards.

  • High success rate. The seed is suspended in a slurry and the germination cycle begins when the seed contacts the water in the machine. The slurry often has other ingredients in it, including fertilizer and green dye and, with the seed at an ideal depth, the conditions are right for producing a "green" lawn in a short time
  • Prevents soil erosion from wind, rain, sun and pests
  • Environmentally-responsible
  • Yields tangible results in difficult-to-access areas (such as roadside embankments) or very large areas (such as golf courses)
  • Works well under time constraints (such as the first day of the golf season or the launch of a new commercial site)
  • Eliminates back-breaking work in laying sod, watering (think of the savings!) and waiting
  • Cost-efficient - less expensive than traditional seeding

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